How long before our wedding should we start taking lessons?

We highly recommend coming in for your lessons as early as possible. Most couples come in to start preparing for their wedding dance at least 1 year to 6 months prior to their wedding date or sooner.  The biggest mistake couples make is coming in for their lessons way too close their wedding date when there are already so many other wedding  appointments on the calendar and then preparations for their first dance becomes rushed and stressful.  Leave yourself plenty of time to take your lessons at a comfortable pace leading up to  your wedding date. By taking your lessons well in advance you’ll have plenty of practice time when you finish your lessons, but you can’t get more time if you cut it too close.  Also, keep in mind you’ll need even more time if you plan on doing a Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, or any additional bridal party dances.  Plus, your dance lessons together leading up to your wedding will be a fun activity to do together and will be a big stress reliever!

What if we don’t have a song selected yet, can we still start taking lessons? 

Yes of course. In fact we find it much easier if you don’t make a final song selection and bring a few song options you’ve been thinking about to your lessons.  On your first introductory lesson you’ll learn a few different dances and you may really like a dance style that doesn’t match your song so it’s good be flexible.  Also, some songs that seem easy to dance to are actually quite difficult so your instructor can help with your song selection after we’ve determined which dances you like and which dances you don’t. If you do have a song selected, we’ll focus on that song and show you which dances would best match that song's rhythm.

What if we don’t want anything too difficult, fancy or choreographed?

No problem. Our trained dance professionals are experienced in teaching beginners wedding dances that range from full out fancy choreography to something very simple such free-styling a few steps to everything in between.  Either way we’ll teach you how to move on the dance floor with confidence and poise and your guests will surely be impressed. No matter how simple or how elaborate, we’ll help you create an unforgettable first dance together based on your personal wedding dance goals.

Can you teach other members of the bridal party to dance such as lessons for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance?

Yes, several of our wedding couples take lessons for specialty dances such as Father/Daughter and or Mother/Son dances.  During your wedding lesson program, our main focus and priority will remain on your first dance however devoting a few lessons to a specialty dance can really add a nice touch to your wedding day and helps you avoid any “high school sway” dances.  We can even teach the entire bridal party a specific dance to do together or just some basic dancing. Oftentimes even the parents of our wedding couples will come in for a few refresher lessons to help them prepare to dance at the reception.  Just be sure to come in for your lessons well before your wedding date so we have plenty of time to prepare for your first dance and any specialty dances you have in mind.

What should I wear to my wedding dance lessons?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you can move around in on your lessons and if the bride has her wedding shoes we recommend bringing them to practice in.  If the bride does not have her shoes, but plans to wear heels for the wedding then bring a heel preferably with straps for your practice lessons.  We recommend staying away from shoes with big platforms or thick soles.  For the groom, we recommend wearing either a dress shoe with a smooth sole or a sneaker that is flexible with minimal rubber soles (the thinner the sneaker sole the better). We will talk more about shoes and your wedding attire on your first lesson.

How to I get started on wedding dance lessons?

The best way to get started is with our Introductory Private Wedding Lesson for New Students only. This 1 hour private consultation lesson is designed to teach you the basics of the most popular Ballroom and Latin wedding dances to help you determine which one best matches the style of your wedding song (or song options). If you don't have your song we can help recommend one for you based on which dances you like best. From casual to formal, traditional to non-traditional, our instructors at First Dance Studio will customize a lesson program for a memorable first dance on your big day.  Right now, this Introductory Private Wedding Lesson Special is only $45 per couple and is scheduled by appointment only Monday-Sunday during the morning, afternoon or evenings.