5 Ways To Convince Your Fiance To Take Dance Lessons

Sometimes we all need a little push of encouragement to do things that are out of our comfort zone and then sometimes we need a little shove…. or, a big shove.  So what happens when you’re super excited to take dance lessons for your big day and your soon to be “other half” is totally and completely, out of the question against it? Or are they? 

#1. Don’t assume. Just because you may think that your football watching,  or iron pumping soon to be groom or super shy, reserved and two left footed bride to be wouldn’t even consider taking dance lessons, you can never be too sure. It sounds simple but if it’s something you’d like to try then just ask, you may be surprised. Too often we hear from people that they would love to take dance lessons but their fiancé, wouldn’t even consider it…yet they haven’t even asked.  If they still resist, read on, we’ve got a few good reasons they can’t say no

#2 Consider the alternative. If your fiancé feels too embarrassed to even talk about dance lessons, let alone take a lesson then consider explaining the alternative scenario. You both already decided you’re going to have a first dance. You’ve narrowed down your song, your super excited about your choice, and you definitely don’t plan on doing “the penguin” in front of all your guests. But when you’re called to the dance floor for your first dance you hesitantly walk out not really sure what to do next, swaying from side to side for a few moments that you swear feels like an eternity, with youronly hope to break the awkwardness is the DJ calling in your guests to join you . In hindsight, most couples would agree that taking a few dance lessons in a private setting to prepare for that special moment sounds a little less embarrassing.

#3 Create a fun date night. Planning a wedding is a lot a fun, but let’s be honest, it can also be a lot of stress. There are so many options, so many choices to make and so little time.  Oftentimes, it’s hard for couples to find the time or patience to make every little decision together so it’s common for one person to take the lead. Taking dance lessons together is a great way to re-connect where both your involvement is necessary.  Your scheduled dance lessons are the perfect way to carve out some time to spend together (decision making free), relieve some stress, andlaugh a little (or a lot).

#4 Your lessons WILL last longer. I know, it may seem a little cliché but seriously after your wedding day has come and gone, dinner has been served, shoes destroyed and your guests have gone home….you and your new husband or wife will still know how to dance.  Sure, that piece of wedding cake in the freezer could potentially last forever but you’ll be able to show off your newly acquired dance skills for other upcoming weddings and events for years to come.

#5 Don’t underestimate the power of bribery.  If all else fails and you are super excited about taking lessons for your first dance but your sweetie just won’t budge then a little bribery can’t hurt. Make a promise you’ll also try something totally out of your comfort zone if they agree to take lessons.  Trust me, there will be a time down line that your fiancé will want you to partake in an adventure you’re a little less than thrilled about…and they’ll be happy to have this as ammo.  After all, a little compromise goes a long way.  Who knows, they may even forget you made that promise when you discover a new hobby that you’ll enjoy together long after your wedding day.